Mock Trial in the Classroom – Strategies

This group of resources is collected for teachers who would like to try Mock Trial as a strategy in the Classroom. Mock Trial and these strategies/resources can be customized for Elementary through High School classes. Please feel free to download them and alter them for use in your classroom.  We teach many of these strategies in our We the Jury workshops. If you would like more information about We the Jury or would like us to come do a Mock Trial training at your school, please contact Chris Parrucci.

*PDF versions are available of each so you can see intended formatting in case the Word versions appear altered when you download them. 

Available to download from this page:

  • Mock Trial in the Classroom – Activity Guide
  • Mock Trial Vocabulary
  • Asking Direct & Cross Examination Questions – Block Activity
  • Who is Responsible / Seeking the Facts – Mad Libs Activity
  • Mock Trial in the Classroom – Suggested Calendar
  • Mock Trial in the Classroom – Developing a Theory of the Case (modeled for the 2019 MacPherson v. CCA case)
  • Witness Preparation Worksheet / can be used in conjunction with Trial Triads
  • Classroom Mock Trial Evaluation & Rubric Resources


Check out our Mock Trial Student Handouts for a variety of helpful ways to get your kids into the trial!