2019 Oregon Civics Conference Resources

Elevating Voices
Expanding Participation

Below you will find various resources, handouts, and materials that were made available during the 2019 Oregon Civics Conference on December 6, 2019. If you have any questions about a workshop you attended or the materials/handouts from a workshop, please feel free to contact Cari Zall at Civics Learning Project.


Handouts / Presentations available as links or to download from the sidebar:

  • The 2019 Oregon Civics Conference Workshop Schedule – download
  • Civil Rights & Civil Wrongs: Teaching Portland’s Black History with Primary Resources (Sarah Anderson, presenter) – website link
  • Primary Documents for use with new Oregon Indian Nations Curriculum from Prof. Bob Miller – download
  • Hate Speech & Free Speech – Where do they Meet (Presentation from Randy Blazak) – Download
  • Archives in the Classroom: the Magic of Primary Resources (Mary Hansen & Brian Johnson of Portland Archives, presenters) – downloads:
  • Oregon Youth & the Justice System (Sean Lo & Vika Safarian, presenters) – “Oregon’s Runaway and Homeless Youth: an Overview & Strategic Framework” – Download
  • Stepping it into the World: Middle Schoolers and Current Issues (Meghan O’Dell-Ream, presenter) – downloads:
    • News/Article Analysis handouts
    • Current Events Spiral Instructions & Guide
  • Oregon Women’s History Consortium: Resources for Teaching the Nineteenth Amendment and Oregon’s Votes for WOmen Story – download
  • A Conversation with Chief Justice Martha Walters: Recent Cases Before the OR Supreme Court – Download
  • Oregon’s Social Science Standards: Creating New Narratives (Amit Kobrowski, presenter) – link to the presentation