Links: Civics Education Resources

CLP Civic Education Links & Resources for Teachers

Center for Civic Education:  Non-profit that developed “We the People”, “Project Citizen”, and other programs with the mission of promoting an active, engaged citizenry.  Lesson Plans on site to complement text book and programs.

Constitutional Rights Foundation:  Web site has information on Civics programs, publications, and several free lesson plans.

Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago: Chicago based organization that develops law-related education materials with many links to other similar sites.

National Youth Court Center: Comprehensive materials on youth courts including information on teacher training programs.

Street Law: Information about various programs promoting practical legal education.  Street Law publishes a textbook and other educational materials for high school students.

National Constitution Center:  Philadelphia museum dedicated to the Constitution. Educational resources section on website.

Our Documents: Features information and resources on the 100 milestone documents in U.S. history.

PBS Kids Democracy Project: Has interactive features for children and section for parents and educators.

National High School Mock Trial Championship:  Information about history, rules, and winners of the national competition.

Kids Voting USA:  Teaches democracy through combination of classroom activities and simulated voting experiences.

Center for Law and Democracy: Offers civic education programs for teachers and students.

Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools: Coalition of organizations aimed at elevating civic learning in schools. Site includes advocacy toolkit and other resources.

Annenberg Classroom: This resource contains comprehensive Civics Education resources for teachers and students.

The Choices Program: From Brown University, this site helps teachers integrate history and current events into their curriculum

The League of Women Voters: full complement of resources on voting, voting rights, elections and other electoral issues.

National Archives – Educator Resources: Primary Documents, teaching resources, and curriculum ideas from the National Archives

Constitute: from the Comparative Constitutions Project, this site contains the constitution of nearly every independent state in the world

Action Civics: from the Mikva Challenge, this site provides resources on transformative youth civics engagement experiences

iCivics: from retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, this site provides Civics Education games and lessons for elementary – middle school students

American Bar Association: National Law-Related Resource Center:  Provides information on law-related education materials and programs, including links to lesson plans.

ABOTA Civics Education: the American Board of Trial Advocates provides Civics and Law Related resources for the classroom

NEA Civics Education: Civics Engagement lessons and Resources, including multiple links

American Civil Liberties Union: Dedicated to protecting the rights and liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and laws of the U.S.

Century of Action: Century of Action 1912-2012 celebrates 100 years of Oregon women’s right to vote and advances the understanding of women’s citizenship in Oregon’s history.