Current Events: The Endangered Species Act 50th Anniversary

The Endangered Species Act (ESA), enacted on December 28, 1973, represents a pivotal milestone in American environmental legislation. Aimed at addressing the escalating threats to biodiversity, the ESA is a legal framework designed to prevent the extinction of endangered and threatened species, emphasizing habitat preservation and recovery efforts. Passed by an unanimous Senate vote, an overwhelmingly bipartisan House, and signed into law by then President Richard Nixon, the ESA emerged as a response to concerns about the rapid decline of species and habitat degradation.

At its core, the ESA establishes a comprehensive legal foundation to protect imperiled species and the ecosystems crucial to their survival. The Act has been seen as a catalyst for scientific research, habitat preservation, and public awareness, fostering a holistic approach to conservation. Its implementation involves partnerships between federal, state, and tribal entities, emphasizing a collaborative and coordinated effort to tackle the complex challenges of species preservation. Over the past 50 years, the ESA has seen notable success stories, showcasing the recovery of species on the brink of extinction through targeted conservation measures. Species such as the bald eagle, peregrine falcon, and gray wolf have experienced significant rebound. Despite these achievements, the ESA has faced challenges, including debates over land-use restrictions and conflicts between conservation and economic interests.

As the ESA marks its 50th anniversary, it prompts reflection on its effectiveness and highlights the on-going debates around strategies to address contemporary environmental challenges. In the face of climate change and habitat degradation, the ESA underscores the importance of innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to safeguarding global biodiversity.

This week’s Current Events resources examines the Endangered Species Act and its 50th Anniversary since its passage. The resources shared provide information and context around the ESA, its goals, and the narratives surrounding its continued existence as cornerstone piece of environmental legislation.


Essential Questions:

  • What is the Endangered Species Act? 
  • How did the human activity in the decades leading up to the ESA’s passing play a part in its ultimate passage?
  • Why might ESA advocates determined that a federal law would be more effective than various state laws in the fight to protect endangered species?
  • In your opinion, has the Endangered Species Act achieved its goals in its first 50 years? Explain. 
  • In your opinion, is the Endangered Species Act still necessary in protecting species on the brink of extinction? 





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Background Resources:

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Lesson Plans:

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Resources for Younger Students:

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Published January 2024