We the People: 2020 Oregon State Tournament

2020 Oregon State Tournament Information:

Date: Saturday, January 25, 2020

Where: Mark O. Hatfield U.S. District Courthouse, Portland, OR

Team Arrival Time: Any time after 9:15am

Team Courtroom assignments will be shared with teams prior to the date



2020 Oregon State Tournament Schedule:

9:15am            Teams & supporters may start arriving

9:50am            Round 1 Begins: Welcoming Remarks in each Courtroom

10:00am                    Hearing 1

10:25am                    Hearing 2

10:50am                    Hearing 3

11:15am                      Hearing 4

11:40am                     Hearing 5

12:05pm                    Hearing 6

12:20 – 1:05pm      Lunch Break (schools responsible to bring/provide lunch for themselves)

1:10pm                        Round 2 Begins: Welcome Remarks in each Hearing Room

1:15pm                        Hearing 1

1:40pm                       Hearing 2

2:05pm                      Hearing 3

2:30pm                      Hearing 4

2:55pm                      Hearing 5

3:20pm                      Hearing 6

3:40pm              Clean up Rooms and head to Jury Assembly Room

3:50pm             Team Pictures in Jury Assembly Room

4:10pm              Awards Ceremony featuring Oregon Supreme Court Justice Adrienne Nelson


A Program will be sent out to teachers prior to the State Tournament so teams know in which order their units will be testifying.


Hearing Format:

Judges introduce themselves / Students introduce themselves         1 minute

Judge reads question                                                                                                 1 minute

Student Prepared Response                                                                                   4 minutes (timed by official timer)

Judge/Student Follow up Question & Response Time                               6 minutes (timed by official timer)

Judge Feedback & Commendations                                                                  3 minutes (1 minute each)

Judges score and travel to next hearing                                                          10 minutes




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If you have any questions, please contact Cari Zall at Civics Learning Project: [email protected]