We the Community – Supporting Oregon’s We the People Program

Civics Learning Project has been proud to support Oregon’s history of participation—and success—in the We The People competition for more than three decades.

Every year, CLP invests time and resources across multiple Oregon counties to secure venues, staff schools and courthouses, recruit hundreds of volunteer judges, provide training and support to hundreds more coaches and teachers, and countless other thankless sundries to provide the best experience for our students.

We rely on both our devoted staff and dozens of our community members to make our state’s participation in this national program possible. While we work to put on this program in the short term, we need your help to make sure that We the People will continue to shape young Oregonian leaders for generations to come.

Enter “We the Community!” 

We the Community is our latest campaign to create a fortified and lasting network of volunteers, funding, and overall support for Oregon’s We the People participation. 

Members of We the Community are devoted to creating lasting, education experiences and a legacy of competitive success in the We the People program in high schools across all of Oregon. We the Community members understand the true value of the We the People program and what it provides to Oregon youth.

We welcome teachers, coaches, parents, alumni, and anyone who is dedicated to Oregon high school students participating in the We the People program to join our brand-new We the Community association. 

If you or a person you know would like to become part of the Community, we invite you to complete the form below!

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director of Programs, Beth Cook.

We the Community Sign-Up

Join the proud legacy of Oregon's We the People program!