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SPOTLIGHT: Geoff Stuckart, Civic Educator of the Year

Beth Cook and Geoff Stuckart display his certificate and trophy for being named 2022-23 Civic Educator of the Year.


CLP is delighted to honor Geoff Stuckart as our 2022-23 Peter & Leslie Richter Civic Educator of the Year!

Geoff teaches Government and Politics, Street Law, and We the People at Central Catholic High School in Portland. He coached Central Catholic’s We the People team to the National competition in 2022, and has participated in nearly every CLP program – including serving as a volunteer while transitioning from a career in politics and government to teaching. We are proud to know Geoff, and to honor him as the 2022-23 Civic Educator of the Year.

About Geoff Stuckart

“Mr. Stuckart’s passion for teaching and government is contagious. As I watched Mr. Stuckart continually care for his students and respond tenaciously to the setbacks of Zoom classes and competitions, I learned to see every day in a positive light. I’m grateful to have such an amazing mentor and role model like Mr. Stuckart in my life.” – Campbell R., Class of 2021

“Mr. Stuckart is undoubtedly the most dedicated teacher — to his students, to his work, and to spreading civil awareness — I’ve ever had. As a member of his 2020 Central Catholic Constitution Team, I was able to witness first-hand his constant attention to each team member’s success and well-being, and due to the intellectual environment he fostered, it was easily the highlight of my high school experience. Because of this experience with Mr. Stuckart’s Constitution Team, I have a much more advanced understanding of each individual’s role — including my own — in participating politically at all levels, local and national.” – Claire B., Class of 2020


Geoff is the most inspiring teacher many students have ever had. So many students tell me his classes are the best they have ever taken, and he inspires many of them to go into history, teaching, and/or law in college. The fact that many of them return to act as mentors, coaches, and judges is a testament to Geoff’s influence and teaching. Above all, Geoff Stuckart is humble. Yes, he is competitive and driven, but this never gets in the way of why he does his job — he is there to inspire and educate the students. He shows them that engaging in the process with purpose and knowledge is powerful. I have seen his influence on the next generation, and while it is easy to be cynical at this point in history, his students are inspired and driven by his example.” – Arin Wallenius, Central Catholic High School


Geoff Stuckart is one of the finest teachers I have met in over 35 years of working in education. Having come to teaching as a second career, Geoff brings all the gifts of a natural teacher-servant. His past careers have given him organizational skills that I envy. Yet every year he is working, adjusting, adding to lessons that are already top-notch.  As a department head, as a member of the Academic Council, and as a teacher-leader Geoff provides an example for others. Time and again, I see colleagues asking Geoff about academic matters – but more importantly, they also turned to him for guidance on how to do the relationship and community building needed to run an effective classroom and school. Students have told me “Mr. Stuckart changed my future.” “He inspired me to be a better citizen.” “He is the best.” Since 2020, former students have regularly volunteered to come in via Zoom to serve as judges to prepare the We the People team – including one this past year who Zoomed in from Amsterdam!” – Teresa Osborn, Central Catholic High School


“I was lucky enough to have Geoff Stuckart as my mentor teacher during my first year of teaching, and the most valuable aspect of his mentorship was that he participated in outside training with me.  Going through the training with Geoff and being able to discuss it gave me more confidence as a beginning teacher.” – Natalie Abbott, Central Catholic High School 


“Geoff lives representative government. He organizes voter registration among students and faculty, and provides after school elucidation sessions around election time where he works to answer any questions around various aspects of elections, ballot measures etc., and offers educational method training sessions to colleagues on vitally important topics.” – Nicholas Netzel, Central Catholic High School


“Geoff goes above and beyond, and when he saw an opportunity to bring his passion to the middle school level, we started the All Saints School We the People program. Every year since 2015, Geoff has organized the program, recruiting his students to coach mine and gathering panels of judges to help with mooting and carrying out the Mock Congressional Hearing, which is the culmination and highlight of our middle school program. At his core, Geoff is a humble human being, and very likeable. He is full of wit and humor, and spending time with him is not only educational but fun.” – Holly Safranski, All Saints School