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SPECIAL EVENT PROFILE: Oregon State Supreme Court Oral Arguments

Event: Oregon Supreme Court Oral Arguments

What: On November 13, 2019, the Oregon Supreme Court heard oral arguments at David Douglas High School in Portland. Two cases were argued: Olivia Chernaik v. Gov. Kate Brown, a suit relating to climate change, and State of Oregon v. Tamara Louise Fulmer, which deals with search and seizure. A brief description of the event and cases can be found here.

Impact: More than 300 students attended the oral arguments, along with teachers, media, and community members.

In their own words:

“Our students are concerned about protecting our environment, and many view it as the most pressing issue for their generation. In Chernaik v. Brown, our students were inspired to see young people using their voices and taking the lead with an issue that is so important to them.” – Joe Cornett, Teacher, David Douglas High School

“It was really cool to see how people talk and communicate over the issues, and to really see the word choices and dialect used to portray the issue.” – Kira Day-Stewart, Junior, David Douglas High School

“What an awesome experience for students at David Douglas today. Joined by their peers at Catlin Gabel and West Linn High School, over 300 students heard two cases before the high court… it was a great day for students learning and justice coming to life. Thanks to the Civics Learning Project for helping to make this day possible.” – Representative Janelle Bynum