Lane County Courthouse Tour – February through June, 2020

Lane County Circuit Courthouse

125 East 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401


Each ticket represents one student in your group. Please reserve one ticket for each student who will be on the tour.

You will be notified if we can accommodate your group as soon as possible. Thank you!

40 tickets left

Your students will see the law come alive during a Civics Learning Project Courthouse Experience Tour!

We are excited to introduce our Courthouse Experience Tour program to the Lane County region. You and your students have the opportunity to help us shape a program that will be meaningful, educational, and relevant to your region.  There are a limited number of these pilot tours available – please choose at least 3 possible dates for your class, and we will coordinate with the court to schedule as many tours as possible. When your tour is completed, you will be asked to provide feedback to help us better serve the Willamette Valley Region.

Tours begin at approximately 9:30am and go to around noon.  Each tour day can accommodate up to 40 students, and are available to students grades 5-12.

More information about Courthouse Tours can be found here.