Digital Workshop: Civic Engagement and the Ethics of Public Health



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This is a live module for the Oregon Civics Conference for Teachers, and may also be taken as separate professional development workshop.

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Civic Engagement and the Ethics of Public Health features NEW digital-ready Project Citizen resources and materials you can use in your classroom now, and we’ll talk about how Project Citizen can work remotely.

This workshop is sponsored by the University of Oregon’s Wayne Morse Center for Law & Politics, whose annual theme revolves around biotechnology and medical ethics. In addition to all the Project Citizen resources, we will share brand new lessons and materials you can use to encourage your students to critically think about relevant health and medical issues in society right now as we live with the Covid-19 pandemic. These lessons feed into the Project Citizen process, using a variety of strategies that encourage students to look around their community to discover and analyze how public health issues are being handled.

One fun way to participate is by bringing along your Science colleagues to collaborate on cross-content projects, weaving Project Citizen into a variety of scientific, medical, technological, and bioethical issues. Please invite them to come with you!

The new lessons and materials will include:

    • Henrietta Lacks, Bio-Ethics Decisions, the Constitution
    • 100 Years of Pandemic & Public Health Policy
    • Tracking, Tracing, and Privacy
    • Oregon and Covid-19