Oregon’s We The People National Competition Results

Oregon’s high school We The People, or “Constitution Teams,” are among the best in the country. 

In the last 20 years, teams representing the State of Oregon have earned six National titles, two National Runner-Up titles, six Third Place wins, and 23 top-ten finishes.

The history of participation—and success—for teams representing Oregon in the We The People competition now spans more than three decades, with additional Oregon teams having competed and earned National titles in 1996, 1991, and 1990.

Oregon We The People teams also frequently receive commendation at the National Finals for their presentation of individual units. Teams internally divide into six groups based on the six units of the ‘We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution’ high school textbook and curriculum. The six units each focus on a different area of Constitutional interest. In 2020 and 2021, Oregon teams received back-to-back commendation for their presentations of Unit 4 and Unit 3, respectively.

The We the People National Finals, hosted by parent organization The Center for Civic Education, takes place each year in Washington, D.C. Approximately 48 teams compete each year, representing almost all U.S. states and territories.

Below is a reverse chronological archive of Oregon teams’ results. 

2023-2024 Lincoln High School – 6th; Grant High School (wild card) – 1st
2022-2023 Grant High School – 2nd; Lincoln High School (wild card) – 6th
2021-2022 Grant High School – 6th; Central Catholic High School (wild card) – n/a
2020-2021 Grant High School – 2nd; Cleveland High School (wild card) – Unit 3 Distinction
2019-2020 Lincoln High School – 2nd; Grant High School (wild card) – 11th, Unit 4 Distinction
2018-2019 Lincoln High School – 4th; Grant High School (wild card) – 3rd
2017-2018 Grant High School – 1st; Lincoln High School (wild card) – 3rd
2016-2017 Grant High School – 2nd
2015-2016 Lincoln High School – 1st; Grant High School (wild card) – 3rd
2014-2015 Grant High School – 1st
2013-2014 Lincoln High School – 1st
2012-2013 Grant High School – 1st
2011-2012 Lincoln High School – 1st
2010-2011 Grant High School – 7th
2009-2010 Lincoln High School – 4th
2008-2009 Grant High School – 8th
2007-2008 Grant High School – 3rd
2006-2007 Grant High School – 3rd
2005-2006 Grant High School – n/a
2004-2005 Grant High School – 2nd
2003-2004 Grant High School – 3rd
2001-2002 Grant High School – Unit 6 Distinction

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