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Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation Awards Grant to Civics Learning Project

Civics Learning Project is excited to announce that the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation (CCUIF) awarded us a grant of $8,000. The grant will be used to assist with program expansion efforts in the southern Willamette Valley and southern Oregon in the coming year.

This is part of Civics Learning Project’s Oregon Reach Initiative, a broad strategic effort to extend our reach both geographically and more deeply into underserved populations whose students can benefit the most from engaging in our experiential programs and learning how to become active participants in their communities. It includes creating a regional site based in Eugene and hiring a person to coordinate programs, outreach, and collaboration with the educational community in Lane and nearby counties. Expected outcomes of the project will be an increase in the number of teachers participating in professional development activities related to civics education and their use of experiential and project-based curricula with their students, as well as the number of student teams participating in activities (e.g., Project Citizen Showcase, Mock Trial and Constitution team competitions) from the region.

“We’re delighted to have this support from the Foundation,” said Executive Director Erin Esparza. “As we roll out our first Courthouse Tours and Law Day Conference for high school students in Lane County, this funding will help us ensure the success of the program expansion. We are honored to be a regular recipient of support from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation and deeply value our relationship.” Esparza received the check at the ceremony at the Seven Feathers Convention Center in Canyonville on January 14, 2020.

The CCUIF was founded in 1997 and began its philanthropic efforts in 1998. To date, the Foundation has awarded $18,980,024 to the seven southwestern Oregon counties from which it accepts grant requests. Foundation Executive Director Carma Mornarich said, “With its emphasis upon meeting the basic needs of people, strengthening family, and assuring educational opportunity the CCUIF, one grant at a time, improves life in southwestern Oregon and beyond.”

The mission of the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation is to offer assistance in youth education, strengthen youth and family, provide for positive youth development, and add to the quality of life for people in southwestern Oregon. This aligns closely with Civics Learning Project’s mission as a non-profit organization of individuals, educators, lawyers, and civic leaders working to equip students with the knowledge, essential skills, and motivation to participate in our democracy.

For more information on CCUIF and its granting program, contact Susan Ferris at 541.672.9405. Awards are made separately from and in addition to regular philanthropic decisions made by the Cow Creek Tribal Board.

For more information about Civics Learning Project and its programs, contact Robert Hulshof-Schmidt, Director of Development and Communications, at 503.224.4424 or [email protected].