Vaping, Teens, and the Regulation of Substances

On October 15, 2019, a temporary ban on the sale of flavored vaping products was set to go into effect in Oregon. This ban was enacted as a response to several deaths in recent months that were found to be directly related to vaping. However, the Oregon Court of Appeals issued a stay after vape manufacturers and retailers requested a judicial review of the constitutionality of the Oregon Health Authority’s executive policy.  A new study released last week has found that cannabis vaping by Oregon youth has increased 295% over the last two years, and CDC data shows that e-cigarette use has skyrocketed from 1.5% in 2011 to 20.8% in 2018 among high school students. The known effects of vaping on human lungs, the increased health problems for teenagers, and the increase in deaths due to vaping have combined to make state policy makers very concerned about the rise in vape use.


Essential Questions:

    • In what situations, if any, do you believe the state has the right to ban a legal product?
    • When do public health concerns outweigh a company’s right to make profits?
    • What are the costs and/or benefits to increased vaping and purchase of vaping products that might affect people who aren’t choosing to vape?
    • Why do you believe vaping by young people has expanded so quickly and widely?
    • How might members of a civic community tackle the issue of public health vs. freedom to buy and sell legal products?



Vaping Basics:



How much evidence do we need of the harmfulness of some behavior, before we act?
The Promise and Peril of Vaping, Part 1: A Mystery in Nebraska

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Background on Vaping Health Issues

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Geography/Maps and Geography News:

Interactive Map of Vaping Laws

Primary Documents:

Oregon Health Authority Flavored Vaping Ban Policy – effective October 15, 2019

Oregon Court of Appeals Order to Stay (temporarily stop) the Ban – October 17, 2019

Statement issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control):Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Products 

Lexile-Level Adjustable Article from Newsela:

Kids don’t know the dangers of vaping and schools are desperate to educate — Originally published in Education Week, September 2019

Legal/Constitutional Connections:

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