Oregon’s Plans for Living with COVID-19

Civics Learning Project continues to connect the remaining Current Events for Spring 2020 Semester to the ongoing major news about the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Here in Oregon, the state government declared a State of Emergency on March 6 and in the following weeks directed Oregon businesses, organizations, and schools to close temporarily; instructed citizens to shelter in place and observe social distance; and released hygiene guidelines to try to prevent the disease from overwhelming our medical services.

Eight weeks later, Governor Kate Brown began announcing steps to reopen the state and certain services. Oregon, like many other states, is trying to balance how people will return to work and socialize while continuing to limit cases of infection.

In this week’s Current Event resource, we’re providing the latest news about Oregon, and asking questions about how these policies will work for Oregonians. We also challenge you to consider how YOU would design policy for schools in the coming Fall Semester.


Essential Questions:

  • Do you agree with the Oregon Plan for re-opening some regions and businesses in May – why or why not?
  • What do you believe are the most significant issues that Oregon policy-makers must address for Oregonians to be safe?
  • What do you think are some of Oregon’s greatest advantages for dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic ahead?
  • If you could submit your ideas for safely returning to schools in the fall, what would you propose to the Governor?
  • What role do you believe the Federal Government should play in helping Oregon to manage the COVID-19 crisis?







The Oregonian Beat Check Podcast: «The Road to Reopening Oregon»










KGW News Podcast: Coronavirus in Oregon Updates










Recent News Articles:

Coronavirus in Oregon (May 8): Governor releases reopening plans – The Oregonian, May 8, 2020

Coronavirus updates: 2020 Oregon State Fair canceled; One new Lane County case – Register Guard, May 8, 2020

With highest COVID-19 rate in the state, Marion County wants to start reopening businesses – Salem Guard, May 8, 2020

Reopening Oregon during the coronavirus pandemic: Top takeaways – The Oregonian, May 8, 2020

Oregon governor: Fans likely won’t be able to attend state sporting events until at least October – The Hill, May 8, 2020

6 more deaths, close to 3,000 COVID-19 cases in Oregon, health officials say – Fox12 Oregon, May 8, 2020

Oregon’s Latest Covid-19 Case Updates – Live Science, May 8, 2020

Oregon coronavirus updates May 8: Do Oregonians have to wear masks in public? – KGW News, May 8, 2020

COVID-19 Impacts On Central Oregon’s Real Estate Market – Bend Source Weekly, May 8, 2020

Study Of COVID-19’s Spread Seeks To Track Thousands Of Oregonians – Oregon Public Broadcasting, May 6, 2020


Primary Sources:

Oregon Health Authority Updates

Office of Oregon Governor Announcements


Maps & Timelines:

Oregon Coronavirus Case Tracker – Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Coronavirus at a glance – The Oregonian

Oregon Coronavirus Map and Case Count Updates – The New York Times

New coronavirus data reveal Oregon neighborhoods with most infections – The Oregonian

Johns Hopkins Global Coronavirus Dashboard

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