The 2021 Inauguration

Resources & Articles

Inauguration of the President of the United States 

This site provides basic information about the dates, the oath of office, and traditional events that occur on Inauguration Day.

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies

This site provides information about the 59th Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies and provides basic information on the Swearing-in Ceremonies — past and present. Grades K-12

Biden-Harris Inauguration Schedule

Detailed Inauguration Schedule from January 20, with links to videos from events throughout the day.

Nationwide COVID-19 Memorial

Video of the Nationwide COVID-19 Memorial with President Biden and Vice President Harris at The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the evening of Tuesday, January 19.

Washington Post: What You Need to Know About Joe Biden’s Presidential Inauguration?

This article offers a look at the basics of January 20th’s events.

Historical Inaugural Speeches 

C-SPAN has compiled videos of 12 speeches from 1933 (FDR) to 2013 (Barack Obama). Grades 9-12

“The Hill We Climb” by Amanda Gorman 

Amanda Gorman reading her poem “The Hill We Climb” from Wednesday, January 20, and the complete transcript of the poem.


Activities & Lessons


A template for students to plan and write their own Inaugural Presidential Address. Grades 3-6

Morningside Center

As we inaugurate the first Black and South Asian-American female Vice President, students learn about Kamala Harris’s background and what she stands for – and reflect on their own dreams for the future. 


Teaching Tolerance: The Inauguration

This non-partisan approach acknowledges history in the making while also acknowledging the history that led up to this point. Grades 3-12

Inaugural Poetry Lesson

This lesson provides students an opportunity to study inauguration poems from Richard Blanco, Elizabeth Alexander, and Maya Angelou. All of these poems are beautiful works of art, but have also become political documents, speaking to specific moments of time in the U.S. Grades 5-12

National Archives Inauguration Quiz 

Test your knowledge of past presidential inaugurations with this 10-question online quiz. Grades 6-12

C-Span Classroom: What Makes a Good Inaugural Address? 

Teachers can choose to have students view the inaugural address and use one of several viewing guides to analyzing the speech. Activities and handouts include a note-taking chart, guiding questions, topical analysis, an evaluative rubric, and a BINGO game. Grades 6-12

PBS Newshour Lesson: What Does Kamala Harris as Vice President Mean to Many?

Questions provided offer opportunities for students to engage in thinking about the full potential of her impact as the first African/Asian-American female Vice President. Grades 6-12

Inaugurations: Stepping into History – Library of Congress

Beginning with George Washington, each U.S. president has brought a unique personal history to the nation’s highest office, a different set of priorities, and an inimitable character. In turn, each has put a distinctive stamp on the presidency, and on the nation itself. Taking a close look at the moments in which these leaders first took office can provide rich opportunities to investigate the history of the United States as it has changed over the centuries. It can also provide unique insights into these remarkable individuals as they first stepped into history.

NEA Inauguration Day Activities

NEA offers Inauguration Day activities based around a range of different focuses, including a look at how inaugurations have changed over time, primary resources from past Presidential Inaugurations, quizzes, and tips to think critically and analyze this year’s event.